Version 18.2

In this section of the Deployment Guide, you will need to answer a series of questions, by annotating the answers here you will make configuration at the later stages of deployment a lot more efficient. It has been written in such a way that you can use this as a quick reference guide during configuration.

If you are resource and capacity planning for your server hardware, please note that you can co-locate the different MindLink server installations all onto one virtual or physical hardware instance. If you have purchased different MindLink products and your chosen strategy is to maintain all the product installations on a single virtual or physical server host. Please follow the guidelines in the prerequisites section to ensure there is sufficient memory, CPU and disk space.

1   Deployment Decisions

1.1   Lync Decisions

 Will you use Auto-Provision (Lync 2013/SFB Only)  Yes No
 What will be the Next Hop for the Front End Pool?  
 Which port will your server listen on (Default is 4096)    

 What Service Account will run the MindLink Service?( Read the Active Directory via LDAP)



1.2   Persistent IM

 The MindLink Service Account needs impersonation rights on Exchange (see   Prerequisite guide for details on the script) Yes No
 Enable Autodiscovery is enabled on Exchange  


 What Auth mechanism will you use?      
 What will be the Published name of the Server?   
 Which Certificate will be used?   


 How will users connect?    Internally              Externally
 What Cert will be used?    
 Will MLA be served by a Proxy?  Yes No        
 Will there be Multiple MLA Endpoints with Load-balancing? Yes No        
 Will SSO be used? Yes No        
 Will V1/V2 be installed alongside V3?  Yes             No


 How will users connect – VPN/WiFi/Mobile Data with Proxy?  VPN LAN PROXY
 How will your Certificate be signed?  Internally Public CA
 What is the Public Name of the Server (As per proxy config)  
 How will the Server connect to APNS or GCM – Proxy or Direct?  Proxy Direct Connection
 Will IM be enabled?  Yes No

 Will Group-Chat be enabled? 

  • If no, please refer to the administration guide for the necessary pre-requisite steps.
Yes No

 Will Autodiscovery be setup? 

  • If yes, refer to the pre-requisites page for the necessary steps and the administration guide for typical scenarios
Yes No


 How will your reverse proxy / rewrite rules be configured?  
 Will SSO be enabled? Yes                          No
 Will there be Multiple Load-balanced ML Servers Yes                          No

See Also MindLink Desktop Decisions

1.7   Exchange Decisions

Do you want to automatically resolve the Exchange server name?  Yes                          No
Will you automatically resolve the Exchange server name from a list of well-knonw URLs?  Yes                          No
Do you want to manually configure the Exchange server name?          Yes No


2   Example Architecture Diagrams

2.1 Overview of entire Suite

Below are sample architectural diagrams, A Single Server deployment typically for POC can also be deployed without a load balancer.


GenericMLM Pooled V2


GenericMLA Pooled V2

GenericWebPart Pooled


GenericMLA PooledSFBO


GenericMLM PooledSFBO