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Product Versions

  Latest Improvement Highlights (see Release Notes for detail)

Product Latest Version
MindLink Desktop v3 18.4
MindLink Desktop v1 v2 17.1.2
MindLink Mobile (Airwatch, MI, BlackBerry/Good) 18.4
MindLink Mobile (BlackBerry Native) 16.3
MindLink Mobile (Citrix Public) 16.6
MindLink Email Connector 16.1
MindLink Social Connector 16.1
MindLink API 18.4
MindLink Compliance 2.6.3
MindLink Sharepoint WebPart 16.6.2

Iteration 18.4 provides the following new features:

  • Sending/Receiving rich message content parts in API
  • Option to turn off unread count ordering in MindLink Desktop dock
  • Option to show profile pictures inline in MindLink Desktop
  • Improved message composition experience in MindLink Mobile
  • Addin client published as public package

Iteration 18.3 provides the following new features:

  • Basic file transfer in private chats (SfB 2015 only)
  • Private converations now load previous conversation history against a Skype for Business Online backend.

 Iteration 18.2 provides the following new features:

  • (MLM) Executive Mobile UX
  • (MLM) Invocation of phone numbers from mobile apps 
  • User-defined adhoc IM conference names
  • Improved error handling for multiparty invites
  • Contact card Profile pictures from External URLs 

 Iteration 18.1 provides the following new features: 

  • (MLD) Tooltips have beed added
  • Multiparty typing indicator introduced. Check release notes for details on functionality for desktop and mobile
  • (MLM) Multiparty IM conversations are now supported: This feature is sometimes referred to as “ad-hoc IM conferencing”. Users can create and be invited to IM conversations with multiple users, and invite additional users into private conversations – “escalation”.
  • Removed OCS Support
  • Minimum iOS requirements raised to 10.3
  • Minimum android OS requirements raised to Android 6

 Iteration 17.9 provides the following new features: 

  • (MLD) Multiparty IM conversations are now supported: This feature is sometimes referred to as “ad-hoc IM conferencing”. Users can create and be invited to IM conversations with multiple users, and invite additional users into private conversations – “escalation”. 
  • (MLD) A homepage has been added, providing descriptions of the options and settings. The homepage can be accessed by clicking the MindLink icon. 
  • (MLD) Users can now manually change the size of the members or participants list to suit their needs. 
  • (MLM) Multiparty invitations can now be received on MindLink Mobile, allowing users to join multiparty conversations from their mobile devices. Further multiparty functionality will be added in the next release.

 Iteration 17.8 provides the following new features: 

  • (MLM) Indication when a contact is typing an IM message
  • (MLD) Collapsible whitespace setting has been added, reducing the whitespace within the app allowing users to preserve as much screen space as possible.
  • (SFBO) Contact Cards on Skype for Business Online now display the user’s locations, their current presence status and create personalized notes.

  Iteration 17.7 provides the following new features:  

  • Skype for Business Online support
  • (MLD) Executive UX restyling
  • (MLD) Sticky daybreak headers have been added, seperating messages by date.
  • (MGMT) Management Tool restyling
  • (MLM) Improved Mobile logging. 

  Iteration 17.6 provides the following new features:

  • (MLM) Indication when a contact is typing a message
  • (MLM) Introduced auto-discovery for the MindLink Mobile server address. Users can now enter an email address format to infer the server address.
  • (MLD) Daybreak headers: Shows a break between messages based on the send date, which the user can configure from their client. 

  Iteration 17.5 provides the following new features: 

  • The management tool for MindLink Mobile now validates config
  • Connectivity and rights management testing for custom preferences repository in the management tool. 
  • (MLM) Mobile Contact Cards: Users can now see the contact information provided through Lync/Skype for Business and Active Directory.
  • (MLD) Users can now see a message indicating when their contact is typing a message 
  • (MLD) The dock can now be ordered in order of “most recent” message

  Iteration 17.4 provides the following new features: 

  • Improved Management Tool
  • addition of Federated Contacts
  • APNS can be disabled

  Iteration 17.3 provides the following new features: 

  • (MLD) V3 Titlebar notifications: If the browser is not focused when a message is received, a titlebar notification will appear to indicate a new message has been received from an incoming conversation.
  • (MLD) V3 Offline contacts can be hidden: Any contacts that are currently offline can now be hidden from view.
  • (MLD) V3 Unread messages now show message sender and last message time: Any unread messages that you currently have will now display who sent the message(s) and when the latest message was sent.
  • (MLD) V3 Persistent IM: If setup properly, it is possible for administrators to configure their user’s IM conversations to be saved and written to Exchange. 

   Iteration 17.2 provides the following new features: 

  • (MLD) V3 default interface, V1 V2 Classic has a seperate installer 
  • (MLM) Configuration of authentication certificate for mobile

   Iteration 17.1 provides the following new features: 

  • (MindLink Mobile) Skype for Business Conversation History
  • (MindLink Mobile) Refreshed Tablet UX
  • (MLD) File Upload Enabled Stat
  • (MLD) Authentication Mechanism Selection
  • (MLD) Sound and Toast Notification
  • (MLD) Skype for Business Conversation History

   Iteration 16.9 provides the following new features:

  • (MindLink Mobile) File upload progress
  • (MindLink Mobile) iCloud integration for file uploads (iOS)
  • (MLD v3) Single-Sign-On (SSO) 
  • (MLD v3) Authentication via pre-authenticating HTTP proxy 
  • (MLD v3) Add-ins supported 

   Iteration 16.8 provides the following new features:

  • (MindLink Mobile) Integrated More History in Mobile Client
  • (MindLink Mobile) File Uploads for all MDM flavours of MLM
  • (MindLink Mobile) Inline images for all MDM flavours of MLM
  • (MindLink Mobile) Message previews
  • (MindLink Mobile) Support for Android for Work
  • (MLD v3) Autocomplete for hashtags in desktop client
  • (MLD v3) Autocomplete for group links in desktop client
  • (MLD v3) Integrated More History in Desktop Client

   Iteration 16.7 provides the following new features: 

  • (MindLink Mobile) Tunnelling is now supported for; MLM Android for Good and MLM Android Vanilla
  • (MindLink Mobile) File uploads for Android and iOS Vanilla clients
  • (MindLink Mobile) In-line images for Android and iOS Vanilla clients
  • (MindLink Mobile) Secure connectivity can now be established when the appropriate CA certificate has been added to the Trusted CA Certificate store of the device.
  • (MLD v3) : Manual marking as read: Users can now toggle their client preferences to allow them to manually mark message as read. Once enabled, this can be done by clicking the bookmark icon beside a message in a chatroom, any subsequent messages will be considered unread and will aggregate an unread count for the corresponding channel in addition to the global unread count.
  • (MLD v3) : Improved File uploads; uploaded files can now be sent with message content  
  • (MLD v3) : Improved In-line images; in-line images are uploaded as an optimized thumbnail to conserve bandwidth usage and improve user experience as well as scalability.
  • (MLD v3) : Mentions and custom links

   Iteration 16.6 provides the following new features:

  • (MindLink Mobile - MLM) UX Improvements : Groups and Contacts have been consolidated into a single conversation view
  • (MindLink Mobile - MLM Tablet) UX Improvements : Livestream is now collapsible
  • (MLD v3) Improved UX design : WhatsApp style message feed (in addition to the LiveStream): Message feed shown above the contacts/chatrooms list, showing a snippet of the most recent message and unread count for the conversation/chatroom 
  • (MLD v3) Improved UX design  : Whitespace/Text-wrapping functionality to adjust the message format – Paragraph Layout

    Iteration 16.5 bug fixes and server code enhancements. 

    Iteration 16.4 provides the following new features:

  • (MindLink Mobile - MLM) Message ordering: The order in which messages are displayed has been changed, the most recent messages will now appear at the bottom of the screen rather than the top. o The scroll position of the initial view is remembered after returning from a different view.
  • (MLM) Message input location: Following the change above the message input field is now anchored above the keyboard near the bottom of the screen and is now always visible.
  • (MLM) The message input toolbar is only visible when there is text in the message input field or when the keyboard is active.
  • (MLM) The scroll position in the message area remains the same when the keyboard is hidden/visible.
  • (MLD/MLM) Support of Rich Text Formatting (RTF) for group and instant messages. Improved compatibility between MindLink and the Skype for Business client.
  • File uploads from the SfB client are now shown in MindLink and vice versa
  • Alerts sent from the SfB client are now shown correctly in MindLink and vice versa
  • Colocation MindLink products can now be collocated on the same server.

    Iteration 16.3 provides the following new features:

  • MLM for AirWatch (iOS clients)
  • Support for AirWatch MDM/MAM
  • MLM Android for Good (in addition to iOS)
  • Android is now supported for Good MDM/MAM
  • HTTP Connectivity for iOS clients
  • Support for HTTP connectivity for HTTP-only proxies and tunnels
  • Server URL auto-configuration
  • Pre-configure the MLM Server URL from within supported MDM/MAM consoles
  • Logon name auto-configuration
  • Pre-configure the MLM Log On Name from within supported MDM/MAM consoles 

Release Notes

Version Release Notes Technical Overview
18.4 Image ImageImage
17.9 Image ImageImage
17.8 Image ImageImage
17.7 Image ImageImage
17.6 Image  
17.5 Image ImageImage
17.4 Image  
17.3 Image ImageImage
17.2 Image  
17.1 Image  
16.9 Image  
16.8 Image ImageImage
16.7 Image Image
16.6 Image  
16.5 Image Image
16.4 Image  
16.3 Image Image
16.2 Image  
16.1 Image  
3.x Image Image


Breaking Changes

  • 18.1 Removed support for OCS
  • 17.2 MLD only contains V3 interface, V1 and V2 are available as legacy installers if required.
  • MindLink for SharePoint, the last supported version is 16.5 – Update available ad-hoc, on demand.
  • MLM for Citrix, the last supported version is 16.5 – Update available ad-hoc, on demand.
  • MLD v3 – 16.6 currently does not support mentions or chatroom links (sent from the v3 web client), filters, notifications and invitations.
  • The 16.4 release of MindLink Mobile (Server) no longer supports BlackBerry 10 devices. MindLink continues to support BB10 devices using version 16.3. This will require a separate installation of MLM 16.3 on a dedicated server. 
  • MLM for Good (iOS) as a result of replacing the Cordova plugin; when users with an active session upgrade to 16.4 they will lose their current session. 
  • The lowest supported version for MLM server is now 2.16